South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association


     1. The Association shall be known as the South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association and be open to all bona-fide Bowling Clubs and Organisations. Clubs affiliated to the County of Derbyshire and being members of another Association may be permitted membership subject to the approval of the existing member clubs.

     2. The objects of the Association shall be:-

          (a) To promote, organise and govern Crown Green Bowling in South Derbyshire.     

          (b) To create good fellowship amongst members.       

          (c) To encourage greater enthusiasm in competitive games. 

     3. Any club wishing to become affiliated to the Association shall make an application to so and must be supported therein by 2 member clubs.
     4. The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President Chairman and Vice-Chairman. These officers shall be members of the Association and together will be elected at the Annual Meeting. Additionally the Annual Meeting will appoint a Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and two Auditors.